Digital economy for tribal communities

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30 Mar 2022 - Latest News

TRIBAL DeFi, the Fintech of tribal communities, announces its partnership with Winstant Ltd.

Developing globally connected payment solutions within America’s Native Country.

From our vision

TRIBAL DeFi aims to contribute to the inclusive, sustainable socio-economic development of tribal communities.

How many Native American tribal communities are affected by poverty, unemployment, and crippling lack of business? In partnership with local banks, Tribal DeFi is creating a financial system that allows them to access capital and financial services. Our digital finance tools allow participants to take deposits, provide payment services, operate a global e-commerce platform, issue the Tribal DeFi digital currency, issue tokens to facilitate financial inclusion, and an accessible crypto exchange for trading.

To your financial tools

While digital finance can benefit the poorest, tribal communities still struggle to access funding.

TRIBAL DeFi, the Fintech of Tribal Communities, its digital finance products and processes, enable Indigenous peoples to access capital and financial services, starting with Native American Nations who benefit from innovation.

Our Products and benefits

Instant Payment Wallet Mint Sovereign, Asset Backed Digital Currencies IEO and ICO issuance for the world Crypto and Digital Currencies Exchange KYC-AML Tribal Marketplace for the world Trade Finance



O1 – Encourage indigenous peoples, their businesses and the authorities of tribal communities to become creators and users of technology finance.


O2 – Create an integrated ecosystem that allows tribal communities to adopt a digital economy.


O3 – Train the human capital of tribal communities capable of thriving in the digital economy.

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